Tail conversion of your Victory Octane


You are thinking about a tail conversion of your Victory Octane?

If you are really thinking about rebuilding your tail then you are exactly right here. I designed a rear fender, which fits fantastic with the “line” of the Octane.
A nice gimmick by the way: you will receive a great optimization of weight, because the tail of the Octane Racer weighs only a few grams. Nonetheless there is a small drop of bitterness because after the conversion the Octane has to be registered as a bike with only one seat. I think you have to decide for your own what is more important for you, the look of the Octane or the function as a multi-seat-motorbike.

Well-fitting rear fender for tail conversion

I was addressed very often by people who wanted to know whether the tail of my Victory Octane is also available separately. That’s why I decided to produce it for replicas, so you guys can also be a part of it. Former drivers were always flashed and impressed by the look and by the quality of my new tail. Because I don’t wanted to disappoint all interested people I decided to produce to order. From now on it is possible to purchase the Octane Racer tail for your Victory.

Victory Octane Custom tail

The tail will be installed to the brackets of the original fender. Therefore it is necessary to cut the helping frame of the rear frame.
On the pictures you can see how the tail will is delivered. He will be completely unpainted. Please use your own creativity and your whole world of fantasy to paint and lacquer the tail. If you have found your own look and you used your fantasy no other driver will have the same tail like you.The special feature of the ESPIAT Octane Racer tail is the simplicity of form and design. No extravagant curves or anything like this. This means the look of your Victory will be very classic, pure and timeless. You will see, in many years your Victory will be still in time.
Because of the reduced fender the machine looks more sporty and solid on the tail. But be sure, the Victory will never have an aggressive look. The bike looks very harmonically because shape and lines of the tank are perfectly integrated.

Order now:

Have a lot of fun when letting your dreams come true. If you are happy with the conversion and if you really like the new look, please let me know. Send me pictures and let me participate your joy.