Espiat #003 „Flat Black“ YAMAHA XJR 1200 Drag Racer Custom Bike

„Flat Black“ YAMAHA XJR 1200 Drag Racer Custom Bike


A very rough interpretation of the YAMAHA XJR


The bike expresses pure power and determination


Custom Number Plates


Low profile rear


…hearing and feeling the roar of 1200 ccm is indescribable!


Custom fork protectors and headlight fairing


Casual look, the seating position is not typical for an XJR, but cool and ridable…


30 mm shorter struts bring the XJR closer to the ground


METZELER SPORTEC M7 RR offer super traction with decent durability

As an avowed XJR fan yet another XJR 1200 arrived in Daniel’s garage. The concept was clear – it was to be black and flat.
Otherwise the bike is difficult to put into a category: sprint racer, dragster, cafe racer, cafe bobber? None really fit – it very much has its own style.
With this conversion, too, it is easy to recognise the hand of the designer. Reduced look, no „bling bling“; only what needs to be changed is changed. The basic character of the XJR remains despite extensive work on the body. However, the YAMAHA ends up looking much sleeker. Now the machine is visually also a perfect muscle bike.
Admittedly it is not exactly comfortable, but it’s just fun to open the throttle on this bike and to hear the 1200 ccm roar – the sound is indescribable, guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

Black, wide, powerful!

A flat, elongated, dragster-like seating position was to be achieved. Thanks to 3 cm shorter struts and a flat seat with ultra-reduced rear fender the desired line was successfully implemented. The rear frame had to be massively shortened in order to be able to implement the fender look of the rear. The front fairing, with a shift to fork protectors, visually pulls the weight forwards. Mini LED indicators were directly integrated into the frame and practically completely disappear. The stub handlebars of a SUZUKI GSF 650 Bandit were extended by 100 mm and adjusted. A KOSO DB-01 speedometer replaces the original instruments. The XJR is fitted with the high-quality METZELER SPORTEC M7 RR tyres – characterised by super grip and relatively low wear.
#27 number plates are naturally not to be forgotten in Daniel’s conversions. A slick, high gloss black is used as a lacquer. An overall weight reduction of approx. 25 kg was also achieved with this conversion.

What we have done

  • Basic bike: YAMAHA XJR 1200, year of construction 1996
  • Frame Modifications: Modified and adjusted rear frame, recessed LED indicators
  • Bodywork: Custom body kit
  • Motor: Engine: oil change, adjusted valves, replaced gaskets
  • Elektronic: minimal wiring / LED indicators & LED backlight
  • Tires: Metzeler Lasertech
  • Other modifications: Racing foot supports, Custom stub handlebars, 30 mm shorter struts, Custom straight pipes, KOSO speedometer, Powder-coated rocker
  • Lacquer: high-gloss black