GSX 1200 Caferacer conversion with short tail


espiat Suzuki GSX-1200_Inazuma-cafe-racer-custom-bike-conversion-daniel-shoe The Suzuki GSX 1200 is an interesting base for a Cafe Racer conversion, in my example with the ESPIAT rear and the casual Harley lamp mask.

The Suzuki Big Bike is based on a classic steel frame and an oil-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine. As with all Japanese bikes with a lot of displacement, this engine is also very simple and absolutely reliable. To increase the power up to 160 hp is possible with relatively little effort. But even with the original performance is ensured sufficient torque and steam. A decent rear muffler for powerful sound guaranteed at 1200ccm. Like many Japanese bikes of this generation, the GSX1200 also features beautiful stereo legs for the classic look. The Suzuki is an ideal base for a custom bike that can be ridden every day. In order to install the ESPIAT rear , it is necessary to shorten the rear frame. I have designed matching numberplates that underline the racing look. The lamp mask completes the frontend. The front fender should be cut more compact or replaced with a more compact fender. For a uniform color, the swingarm should be dismantled, blasted and powder coated. If you like, you can assemble a wider Superbike handlebar or clippers.

Remodeling overview what to do:

  • Radiate and powder-coat the swingarm
  • Shorten rear frame and adjust ESPIAT rear
  • Attach lamp mask
  • paint various parts
  • Compact rear silencers include eg the Spark GP Style exhaust
  • Make a numberplate
  • Installing LED turn signals

That was it. So with a manageable financial and time effort, an extremely cool Caferacer from the GSX1200 can be built.

Parts list for the GSX 1200 Cafe Racer conversion

  • Cafe Racer Lampmakse
  • Mini LED tail light
  • Alternative taillight / brake light combination Blinker r (from now on I only install)
  • LED flasher unit
  • Mini rearview mirror
  • high quality graphite exhaust tape
  • wide LSL handlebar
  • Spark GP Style Exhaust

You are interested in the rear? Learn more!

ESPIAT Cafe Racer rear

yamaha xjr cafe racer tail clean

Made of fibre (GRP), unpainted. For individual conversions.
Installed tail on the ESPIAT XJR 1200.