Custom Bikes & Parts for Idealists

„No bling bling, no fancy shit!“


ESPIAT MOTO is the embodiment of Daniel Schuh’s vision for custom made motorbikes. The designs of the Artist are known for their simple, yet elegant shapes, that refrain from adding anything abstruse or obsolete. ESPIAT MOTO is more than just an ordinary shop for motorcycles. Dreams come to life in Daniel’s studio. And his bikes are made for dreamers and idealists. The love for the classics and their designers are the fuel that drives Daniel’s creations. His custom made bikes get treated to an unobtrusive finish and employ a design concept that focuses on the essentials. On what they really need, to go out there and do, what they are supposed to do.

„No bling bling, no fancy shit!“

The limited edition motorcycles made at ESPIAT MOTO are handmade, with quality parts and persistent craftsmanship. Every bike has a unique feeling to it. They are statements of art and freedom, their spirit and soul. At ESPIAT MOTO, it’s not about expansion and profit. It’s all about the bike, its designer, and its rider.